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Study programme

During our four-year study programme, we combine theory with practice and invest a great deal in your personal development and guidance.

Our education is small-scale, whereby you will work intensively in project groups. This is put into practice when organizing an event, running the Teaching Hotel or solving a realistic business case. You will also gain experience during two company-based practical and management internships.

What will you learn?

In the first year of the bachelor study programme of Hotel Management School Maastricht, you will become acquainted with the hotel industry. You will study English and one other modern foreign language and follow courses such as marketing, management accounting and both operations and human resource management. 

In the second year of our 4-year bachelor programme you will participate in an internship abroad. Furthermore, we will continue expanding your core knowledge.

The third and fourth year are all about hotel management and change management. In this phase, you will show that you can also function at a strategic level. You will choose your own courses, whereby specializing during the last year and a half of the programme. An exchange to a partner university is also an option. The last five months of the course are reserved for your management internship.

Student Life

Student life in Maastricht

The years you study are a time to remember. Certainly when you are a student in Maastricht. The city is very lively and is the most international student city of the Netherlands. The campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht is very unique. It is where students live, study and take practical lessons in the Teaching Hotel or student restaurant Refresh.

On the campus you will find the educational building, Student Residence, the student association and a castle with a canal in a beautiful park. As a student, you experience student life in a completely new way. You are surrounded by beautiful nature while you have easy access to all the amenities, culture and nightlife that Maastricht has to offer. The city center is only a 15-minute bike ride or a 10-minute bus ride away.

Campus life - school & Student Residence

The educational building of hotel school Maastricht is a modern building that offers all facilities to guarantee excellent education. Such as a unique gastronomy classroom, private project rooms, an extensive library and sufficient study space. You see, studying at hotel school Maastricht is the right choice for your future!

As a first-year student you will be living in the Student Residence on campus for a whole year. This experience is partly educational but mostly social and fun. You will learn to live together with others and deal with the challenges of sharing a living space. This allows you to develop skills and capacities that are required to be successful in the hospitality industry.

Your student life starts on the campus of hotel school Maastricht. Here you will make friends for life and start relationships that will last a lifetime too.

Since September 2020 we have new student accommodation, the Student Residence. That means you will be living in a new, modern building! 

Read more about our student life and blogs from our students here: https://www.hotelschoolmaastricht.nl/en/bachelor-hotelmanagement/studentlife


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