Located in the east region of Ho Chi Minh City - the most vibrant city of Vietnam, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) was established on January 27th, 1995 under the Government Decree No. 16/CP with a mission to be a leading university in Asia and a hub where science, technology, innovation and the culture of Vietnam converge.

With a campus covering the total area of 643 hectares and developed based on a modern university town model, VNUHCM is one of the largest educational institutions in Vietnam. It composes of 36 structural units, of which are seven member universities (University of Technology, University of Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, International University, University of Information Technology, University of Economics and Law and An Giang University); one member research institute (Institute for Environment and Resources); and 28 affiliated units functioning in administration, training, research and technology transfer.

VNUHCM has more than 82,000 full-time undergraduates, 8,000 graduate students and over 3500 faculty and research staff. VNUHCM offers a comprehensive list of undergraduate and graduate programs, covering almost all academic areas, from natural sciences, health science and medicine, technology, engineering to social science, business, management and law at all three level of higher education (170 programs in Bachelor level, 133 Master programs, and 94 Ph.D. programs).

Engaging with and serving the community is one of core values of VNUHCM. From 2016 to now, VNUHCM has successfully implemented more than 3.000 technology transfer contracts, generating an annual revenue of approximately 250 billion VND.

Working together with a strong network of prestigious international partners from Europe, America, and the Asia - Pacific, VNUHCM has actively engaged in the most advanced educational trends in both training and research, greatly contributing to the country and the society.

Our member units

VNUHCM-University of Technology:

VNUHCM-University of Science:

VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities:

VNUHCM-International University:

VNUHCM-University of Information and Technology:

VNUHCM-University of Economics and Law:

VNUHCM-An Giang University:

Our affiliated units

Student Life


VNUHCM dormitory and guesthouse system provide accommodations for about 60,000 local and international students and professors. Short-term accommodation request at VNUHCM dormitories, especially for students from remote areas can be well arranged prior to their arrival. Living in VNUHCM dormitories, students also benefit from various types of services such as food courts, cafeterias, medical centers, post offices, computer laboratories, gym centers and movie theaters, etc. Each dormitory has a Board of Counselors which is responsible for looking after the welfare of students.

Sport Activities

Within VNUHCM, student life is enriched with varied sport activities that meet almost all talents and interests of the student population. VNUHCM has a wide range of extra-curricular activities that are consistent with its educational objectives. Sport events offer one avenue of broadening students' experience at the university and also allow them to meet different individuals' expectations. Every day, there are numerous sport activities in which football is particularly popular. Sports facilities include courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and thousands of square meters of playing fields. There are also chess clubs. Most sport facilities at VNUHCM are open to students and staff; prior booking is required which can be done at the campus where the facilities are located.

Social Activities

The vibrant social and cultural scene at university complements the atmosphere of serious study in the lecture halls. VNUHCM students can also become involved in community service activities such as eliminating illiteracy among rural people, anti-drug programs, Green Sunday for Ho Chi Minh City, Student Music Festivals and other social activities.

Student Support Service


Campus of each member university of VNUHCM has a separate system of food courts and student service centers. They offer a wide range of Vietnamese traditional and international dishes at reasonable prices from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m (shorter operating hours is in effect during the semester breaks).

Health Services

Medical clinics at each member university campus and VNUHCM’s dormitories provide health care services for students and staff of VNUHCM.

Student Union

VNUHCM student Union runs range of activities from fund-raising activities to voluntary projects, such as helping handicapped people and food victims in the central region. It publishes its own monthly student newspapers and the Bulletin News of VNUHCM. The Union aims to safeguard students' interests and to uphold and respect the dignity and equality of all students. It also manages the employment services which disseminate information about seasonal and part-time jobs. On-campus career orientation programs are organized on all campuses, and there is a comprehensive network between employers and all member universities.


Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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